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 A s h l e y    g r e e n w a l d

I am a registered Holy Yoga Instructor HYI-225. I love Jesus, I love yoga and I love exploring functional movement where I can focus on the body’s mobility to do simple everyday tasks, as efficiently and painlessly as possible. I began teaching Christ-centered yoga this summer, where I naturally gravitated toward a “primal” type of yoga flow. It’s a beautiful marriage of primal movement with vinyasa yoga. I still have so much to learn, and there is much journey left ahead, but I know that with continued intimacy with my Father, I can seamlessly blend these unique styles of movement to create an all-encompassing full body workout…physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am also a self-taught, emerging artist working in oil on canvas. I live in beautiful Colorado with my husband and our three little girls, where I work out of my sun-filled home studio. For me, painting is a divine-inspired meditation where nature is my muse and God is my teacher. I ask Him to move my hands and open my spiritual eyes to “see” so I can reflect His beauty in my art. I lose track of time as I love to make the delicate colors dance with one another, blending them directly on the canvas while letting shapes and movement reveal themselves organically in their own time.  

artist statement

Inspired by my travels, and with an abstract and minimalistic approach, I enjoy painting dreamy morning landscapes that beg my mind to escape and rest in God’s beauty, if only for a moment.